Payroll service and staff administration

Whether it is in the whole cycle or only in one phase, RHS Latam’s experts in payroll and administration of Human Capital can advise you to implement a great strategy to manage your business’s staff.

Recruitment and selection

Elaboration of profiles, interviews, and application of psychometric tests.

Hiring of staff

Contracts and registry in IMSS (Mexican Institute of Social Security).

Management of payroll

We make the calculation of payroll and, if needed, the dispersion.

Payment and application of social provision

Management and advice for labor conflicts

Unsubscription before IMSS and calculation of settlements


  • 100% legal.
  • Stamped receipts.
  • Reduction labor demands risks.
  • Fulfillment before IMSS’s requirements.
  • Greater benefits for employees.


If you need more information or want to ask about prices, contact us or visit RHS Latam’s website.

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