Accounting, invoicing and payroll software (SaaS)

FERAZ is a software of financial automation. We develop the best technological tools in the cloud, to help you systemize the activities and processes of your company. The system has several modules, and the flexibility so that you can use only the ones you need.

  • Private initiative module.
  • Governmental payroll module.
  • Employees kiosk module.
  • Assistance control module.
  • Audit module.
  • Accounting module.
  • Payable accounts module.
  • Treasury module.
  • Collectible accounts module (invoicing).
  • Travel expenses module.
  • Providers portal module.
  • Repository module.


  • Training and support during and after the implementation.
  • Time saved in the elaboration of reports and information consult.
  • Savings in payroll costs by requiring less staff.
  • Connected to SAT (Tax authority in Mexico).
  • Constant updates.
  • Security (encrypted and security 24/7 in the data center).
  • Multi-company and multi-currency modules.

If you want more information about the features of each module, contact us or visit FERAZ´s website.

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